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SEBILE KOOLIE MINNOW - Barra Special 90mm - 11gHardbody Lures

Koolie Minnow Long Lips are buoyant, deep-diving minnows with wiggling, rolling actions. The design of the strong, bridge-reinforced lip allows a steep dive and an easy retrieve in comparison to other baits of its kind. They may be swam steadily or jerked responsively and they rise free of snags whenever paused. In fact, several aspects of their construction are designed to let Koolies dive deep into snaggy areas without getting stuck.


Fishing and Hunting has a number of different sizes in the minnow range, so what ever you are chasing we have a lure to fit,

Here we have the 90mm - 11g model, it is ideal for a wide variety of species in both fresh and salt water.

Great for trolling or casting towards that snag you know holds the big one!

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