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Stiffy Lures - Barra Bruiser 12cmHardbody Lures

Stiffy Barra Bruiser
Stiffy Lures
The Stiffy Barra Bruiser range is a tough, uncomprising series of lure.

They are suitable for all fishing applications fitted with quality Owner trebles to hold even the biggest fish. Species: Barra, Queenfish, Mulloway, Salmon, Mangrove Jack just to name a few! Everything about these lures is engineered with big, tough fish in mind - from the extra strength Owner trebles, to the tow point which makes use of the Sea Lock anchoring system, meaning pulled eyelets are a thing of the past.

The bib is moulded as part of the lure so it can never get broken off or knocked out of alignment. This lure will keep swimming and catching fish until there's no paint left on it or a big unstoppable something decides to take it home for good.

These are a great size for barra at 12cm (120mm)

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