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3 x BOMBER Fishing Lures pack,


3 x Bomber Lures Barra Pack!

If you chase barra or any other hard fighting fish, then this lure pack is for you.

High quality lures, not no name brand.

In this pack we are offering some of the most popular lures on the market!

All 3 lures are suitable for fresh or saltwater and ideal for a huge range of fish from Barra, Cod, and everything in between.

So grab a 3 pack of quality lures Bomber Lures and save!

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Details of Lure Pack

  • B15A Bomber Long A Gold with Orange Belly, 4.5”, ½ oz 3 Hooks
  • B24A Bomber Deep long A Silver with Red Head 3.5” 3/8 oz Twin hooks
  • B15J Bomber Long A jointed, Silver Blue 4.5” 5/8oz 3 hooks.


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