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800 meter Range Finder illuminated display!


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Range Finder 800m with built in Angle compensation and Illuminated screen!

Fishing and Hunting has this great Range finder for sale. This Range Finder would be ideal for bow hunting and rifle hunting. It has the Angle compensation, so ideal for all hunting conditions.

This awesome range finder has the illuminated screen so it is easy to read in very low lght . It also has a very handy Fog mode, this mode is just awesome when you are out on a foggy day…some of the cheaper range finders will not perform right in these conditions, but in Fog mode it will compensate for these conditions.

Another great option on this model that plenty of others do not have is the Angle compensation, this is great for bow hunters who hunt in hilly terrain (also handy for golfers as well).

Weighing just 155g you won’t even know you have it around your neck!

This Range Finder is also ideal for Golfers as well as it has built in flag pole lock if required.

Some of the features include

·        21mm Objective Lens

·        6x Magnification Power

·        7.2Deg View Angle

·        16mm Pupil Distance

·        Max Range 800m

·        Weight 155g

(please note battery not included, but it takes a common 3V CR2 battery)

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