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Eagle Tears USA Complete Gun Care Bundle


Don’t spend hundreds or even thousands of $$ on your gear and not look after them! Grab a high quality Complete Gun Care Kit from Eagle Tears – Made in the USA, suitable for a wide range of products

The Eagle Tears complete gun care bundle includes our Eagle Tears BIO-CLP, Gun Solvent, a tube of our convenient Gun Oil Paste, and cleaning supplies. For use on rifles, shotguns, handguns, and black powder firearms.

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  • Eagle Tears Gun Solvent is made from distilled citrus oil and a proprietary blend of emulsifying oils
  • Eagle Tears BIO-CLP is free of harmful toxins and is non-carcinogenic
  • Eagle Tears Gun Oil Paste (not a grease) is great on high friction areas, slide rails, and rifle bolts
  • Micro-fiber towel (white towel shown in photo, but you may receive a different color)
  • (100) wooden handle cotton swabs

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