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Primos Revolver Adjustable Grunt Deer Call Sound Like Multiple Deer At Once 776


Primus Revolver Adjustable Grunt Call

With the Roar just around the corner why not try a deer call, and if you do make it a good one!

We all know how hard it is to stalk deer, so give yourself an edge

Create all the vocalizations deer make with one call. The Primos Revolver makes deer vocalizations, from a fawn bleat to a mature buck grunt, by simply adjusting the centre dial.

This patented design makes calling deer easier, and provides versatility that has never before been available in a single call.

  • Unique design produces all deer vocalizations from a fawn bleat to a mature buck roar
  • Easily and quickly adjust sound using centre dial
  • Sound like multiple deer at once
  • Patented design

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