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Bohning Helix Tower Fletching Jig Arrow fletching


This Helix Tower Fletching Jig is perfect for fletching blazer vanes, and we all know how much it costs to keep having to purchase complete arrow set ups, so save yourself some serious $$ and start fletching your own. And with this jig is fast, accurate and easy

The Helix Tower is a vertical fletching jig that allows you to fletch three vanes at the one time. Reduce your fletching time to a third. It accommodates all small, medium and large carbon and aluminium shafts. Assemble your Tower based on what size nock you use.

The Helix Tower saves time and increases arrow production and provides the most accurate vane placement.

Place three vanes on a 3 degree helical, perfectly 120 degrees apart and includes three pressure rings to allow the right amount of pressure to be applied on different diameter shafts..

Comes with interchangeable centre post options.

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  • Unsuitable for wood shafts or swedged end aluminium shafts
  • Can only be used with vanes up to 3″ inches in length
  • Comes with two sets of three clamps
  • Easy to follow instructions and illustrations included
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