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Real Avid Gun Oil Gun Cleaning Wipes, anti corrosion wipes


If you like looking after your gear while out hunting or camping, then you need to always have some oil wipes in your pack, and this pack makes it easy, each wipe in its own sealed pack, you get 25 individual wipes, ready to use when you need them!

Extreme Corrosion Protection & Lubrication

Real Avid Gun-Max Gun Oil saturated wipes are specifically designed to clean, lubricate and repel moisture. Perfect for cleaning grime from metal surfaces, lubricate moving parts and provide corrosion protection on metal surfaces.

Cleaning dirty residue and remedying exposure to weather elements before storing your firearm, ensures maximum protection against rust while securing your firearm in a gun safe or in a gun case.

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  • REAL AVID GUN-MAX GUN OIL WIPES: pre-saturated gun cloth to clean, lubricate and protect from moisture and rust; maximum protection for your firearm
  • LONG-LASTING LUBRICATING OIL: advanced gun lube oil soaked gun wipes ensure long lasting lubrication, so your gear runs smooth and dependably; gun lubrication protects moving parts, minimizes friction, prevents wear
  • GUN PROTECTANT TO PREVENT RUST: corrosion inhibitor and rust protectant creates moisture barrier against humidity, rainfall, mud, snow or condensation and neutralizes harmful effect of exposure to corrosive salts
  • GO-TO PRODUCT FOR OUTDOOR USE: sealed in a foil packet for compact carrying, perfect gun cleaning wipes for hunting and tactical applications, for a quick convenient wipe down in the field; Gun-Max Gun Oil is extreme performance gun oil won’t freeze or gunk up your gun in harsh operating conditions
  • EASY TO USE: tear open packet, unfold cloth and wipe metal surfaces; gun oil wipe will provide a thin, non-greasy coating that will prevent rust and lubricate all moving parts without overlubricating and without attracting gunk and grime
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