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Slick Trick MAGNUM Broadhead 4 pack, 125Grain


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Slick Trick Broadheads, 4 pack 125 grains

If you have never tried the slick trick Magnum, then you have been missing out! These are awesome broadheads with a 1 1/8 cutting diameter


     Slick Trick- Magnum 125 Grain-1 1/8″-ST125M

Aerodynamics, accuracy and penetration come together in Slick Trick’s Magnum, 

a fixed-blade broadhead that mirrors the flight of field points.

The patented Alcatraz Bladelock™ system securely interlocks the blades inside the ferrule.

 This setup ensures the four razor-sharp Lutz Solingen German stainless steel blades fly straight and true to punch lethal wounds through flesh and bone.

 The 100% steel construction maximizes durability afforded by the .035″ blade thickness. 

All Slick Trick super slim ferrules are designed with extreme precision and exact tolerances to increase penetration and maximise durability.

The Patented Bladelock system leads the market in security Thanks to the interlocking blade design that’s 100% protected by Supersteel ferrules its nearly impossible to lose a blade!


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